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What is it?

We generate and explore billions of site proposals, sort out the best ones and give you detailed statistics about each of them

Why should you use it?

Spacemaker discovers the smartest ways to develop your site, maximizing sellable space and living qualities on a level that manual methods can’t.

In many cases, key strategic questions in real estate development can’t be answered by more than a best guess - even though these answers are of fundamental importance to profitability and risk.

By utilizing the power of the Spacemaker AI and thousands of cloud-based computers, The Product can give precise answers to those questions - giving you unparallelled insight into the potential of any site, maximizing your strategy for development.

How can you use it?

Our product can be used to gain more insight at any point in the planning phase of a real estate development, within all levels of zoning and building code detail. You can work with anything from site valuation/acquisition analysis to deeply complex volume studies.

While the product can handle any type of site, we are currently focusing on supporting urban housing developments. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with other types of developments, though - we will add other types of developments very soon!

Some of the questions Spacemaker can answer:

What are the best ways to develop this area with a mix of townhouses and low-rise apartment buildings? How can I make sure that this development maximizes market fit by achieving a perfect apartment mix that accounts for varying quality preferences across apartment types? What combination of properties should I purchase/partner with to create a site with the best potential - factoring in living qualities, market fit, and projected cost of the properties? Show me great examples of developments with 200% utilization and mixed housing types. Attractive evening sun and traffic noise are located on the same side of the property - how can I develop this site so that evening sun on each apartment is maximized, while at the same time reducing facade noise to a minimum? Give me 10 different solutions that maximizes potential within current zoning laws Which zoning laws are the most limiting in terms of maximizing potential? I’d like to challenge the zoning on the site. Which specific requirements (eg. height, distance to roads, utilization) would I gain the most by challenging? Show me 5 different ways to create mobility on the site with 3-5 streets that line up with the surrounding street grid.

These are just a few examples - we can do a lot more!

If you are curious to see what we can do, send an email to and we’ll be in touch!

The response so far has been overwhelming, so please bear with us if we don't get back to you right away.